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Practice for Performance

Spend all your time trying to nail a riff to sound just like a particular recording, and you may never achieve the ability to perform the whole song...

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It’s Never Too Early To Think About Tone

The key to early success is as simple as sounding good.

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Practice Makes You BETTER

The importance of quality practice cannot be overstated; however, the idea that any amount of “practice makes perfect” is an overstatement. Worse yet, it can be a dangerous notion. Let’s dig in…

The Psychology of Practicing: Effective Practice Habits

Given the limitation of variables, and enough time, you will see results from your practice sessions

The Economics of Practicing: Spending Versus Investing Time

There are other ways you can invest rather than spend time practicing. Be critical of your routine, and seek ways to trim and hone your practice sessions to the core of what is most important right now.

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